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Talk by Gurucharan Das on his book “The Difficulty of Being Good”. Prof. S L Rao moderated the discussions

Held on Wednesday, 13th January, 2010 at 6 pm

2010 began with a bang for Bangalore International Centre when Mr. Gurucharan Das, the Corporate Leader who has turned into a full-time author, talked about his latest book “The Difficulty of Being Good” on 13 th January at 6 pm A large number of persons had turned up for the event and heard Mr. Das with rapt attention.

Gurucharan Das traversed familiar grounds – Mahabharata and Gita – to highlight the dilemmas and ambiguities which were there at that time and which continue to exist even now, whether in business decisions, or political strategies or inter-personal relationships. In the process, he underscored the ways such dilemmas were resolved in Mahabharata and how the same approach could be relevant in the current scenario.

The highly informative question-answer session was moderated by Prof. S L Rao.