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Presentation on "The Amber Bean : What makes a Great Cup of Aromatic Coffee" by Sunalini Menon

Held Wednesday, 4th October, 2017 at 6.30 PM

Bangalore International Centre had arranged aPresentation on coffee titled “The Amber Bean: What makes a Great Cup of Aromatic Coffee” by SunaliniMenon,Asia’s First Woman Coffee TasteronWednesday, 4th October, 2017 at 6.30 PM.Introduction and Discussion was moderated byMr.Stanley Pinto, Member of BIC Programmes Committee.
Prior to presentation, a display of Coffee varieties and a Coffee Tasting Session was set upin the upstairs dining room at 5.30 pm.This coffee tasting session was accompanied by quiz on coffee. About 43 members participated in this session.
While a steady drizzle which began in the evening and intensified later kept many away from the event, those who were present had a rare treat from Mrs. Sunalini and her workers. Her silken introduction to coffee – Is it a bean or a seed or a fruit – and her explanations kept everyone entranced. As she explained the nuances and the romance behind the humble mug which many of us take for granted, one admired the superb grasp of the lady over her subject.
Stanley’s anchoring was delightful as usual. One however could not miss his semi-reverential references to the achievements of the First Lady of Coffee in India.
Ms. Menon’s presentation touched upon the aspects, which contributed to a great cup of aromatic coffee i.e altitude at which coffee is grown, the cultural practices, the processing technique, the roasting and brewing of coffee beans, which enabled the audience to not only appreciate the cup, but also understand the intrinsic notes of its taste profile.
At the end, the standing ovation she received said it all.