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Discussion on "BBMP Restructuring: Understanding the Rationale"

Held on Monday, 6th April, 2015 at 6.30 PM

Bangalore International Centre had arranged a discussion on “BBMP Restructuring: Understanding the Rationale” on Monday, 6th April, 2015 at 6.30 PM at its Auditorium. The discussant was Mr Ravichandar, Member, Expert Committee. The discussion was chaired and moderated by Dr. A Ravindra, Chairman, Centre for Sustainable Development.
The State Government set up a 3 member committee to Restructure BBMP with Mr. B.S. Patil, Former Chief Secretary as the Chairman and Mr. Siddaiah, Former BBMP Commissioner and Mr. V. Ravichandar, Former BATF member as fellow members of the Committee.
An interim report of the Committee was submitted to GoK in March 2015 based on meetings with multiple Stakeholders, review of best practices and initial data collection and analysis. This interim report sets out a broad road map for the restructured BBMP (3 tiered framework) to improve the quality of life in Bengaluru for all citizens.
Mr. Ravichandar, one of the Member of the Committee detailed the path traversed thus far and the current thinking, with rationale, on improving Bengaluru’s governance and administration. He stressed that the Committee had kept in view that the 74th amendment of the Constitution had clearly laid down that the governance structure at the level of municipal wards had to be strengthened and appropriately enabled to take care of the purely local issues at that level. The Committee thereafter took stock of the current structure and pattern of governance in BBMP and also had intensive discussions with all the stake-holders. Lots of materials about the pattern and structure of governance in other metropolitan cities within the country and outside were also compiled and studied. After all these exercises, the committee had come to a tentative view that while it would be the prerogative of the government to take a final view about the manner in which BBMP should be restructured, the Committee would recommend that (a) the Ward Committees should be completely restructured and they should be appropriately enabled, both physically in terms of human resources, and financially; (b) a viable and efficient governance structure can be effectively ensured by creating 10-12 municipal bodies in areas now covered under BBMP; and (c) if the government so desires, the proposed 10-12 municipal bodies could be reclustered and regrouped under more than two Municipal bodies and renamed as Zonal Councils. Mr. Ravichandar indicated that the final report of the Committee would be submitted soon.
The fascinating interactive session, which followed the discussion was adroitly steered and moderated by Dr. Ravindra who also contributed to the session with his comments and observations with his rich experience as the former Commissioner of BBMP.