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Book Launch of “Bangalore Calling” by Ms. Brinda Narayan. Moderated by Mr. Vedam Jaishankar, managing Editor, Bangalore Bias

Held on Friday, 10th June, 2011 at 6:30 pm

Bangalore International Centre had arranged a Book Launch of the book “Bangalore Calling” by Ms. Brinda Narayan on Friday, 10th June, 2011 at 6:30 pm. The event was chaired and moderated by Mr. Vedam Jaishankar, Managing Editor, Bangalore Bias.

“Bangalore Calling” is the debut work of Ms. Brinda. The book attempted to explore the social costs of outsourcing - the erosion of cultures, the displacement of vernacular languages and accents in a world that’s not yet flat, through fifteen linked stories. It dealt with globalization and its consequences, and in particular the Americanization of call centre agents.

In his interactions with Brinda, Mr. Vedam Jaishankar very skillfully brought out the motivations and research behind the book and the extent to which the characters etched out were “real”. Brinda’s empathy for many of the characters who often had to face emotional dichotomies in their quest to have a good life was clear. Vedam was effusive in his appreciation about the book and the audience seemed to be in sync with him.