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Panel Discussion on "The Ayodhya Conflict : Looking beyond Secularism and Fundamentalism"

Held on Friday, 16th January, 2015 at 6.30 PM

Bangalore International Centre had arranged a panel discussion on “The Ayodhya Conflict: Looking Beyond Secularism and Fundamentalism on Friday 16th Januaryr 2015 at 6.30 PM at its auditorium. The panellists were Mr. Prem Chandavarkar, Managing Partner, CnT Architects and Ms. Samhita Arni, Well-known Writer and Author. The panel discussion was moderated by Dr. Sandeep Shastri, Pro Vice Chancellor, Jain University, Director, Centre for research in Social science and Education.
Both Mr. Chandavarkar and Ms. Arni stressed the fact that India’s pluralistic heritage and tradition has always prevailed over bigotry and sectarianism practised by a few misguided and uninformed persons. The evolution of the cultural identity of the country has been a long process and the wide-spread catholicity of the approach of the people has been a result of the understanding and knowledge about the different philosophical schools of thought. It was felt that the communal tensions are often fuelled by political motives and that a determined political will to protect the rights of every citizen would be useful.
The fascinating interactive session, which followed the panel discussion was adroitly steered and moderated by Dr. Sandeep Shastri who also contributed to the session with his comments and observations with his rich experience.