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Presentation on "Archaeology of Listening Practices in Theatre" by Umashankar Mantravadi

Held on Thursday, 26th October, 2017 at 6.30 PM

Bangalore International Centre in Collaboration with India Foundation for the Arts had arranged a Presentation on “Archaeology of Listening Practices in Theatre "by Umashankar Mantravadi, Senior Indian Sound Technician and Inventor on Thursday, 26th October, 2017 at 6:30 pm at its auditorium. Dr. Girish Karnad, Playwright, author, actor and Film Director was in conversation with Umashankar Mantravadi.

Archaeoacoustics is an area of research dealing with sonic properties of historical sites. It is comparatively new all over the world and very few people in India work in this area. With support from India Foundation for the Arts, inventor and sound technician Umashankar Mantravadi has aurally mapped two ancient performance sites - Nagarjunakonda in Andhra Pradesh and Vadakkamnathan Temple, Kerala. The attempt is to both challenge the dominant visual understanding of history of these sites, as well as study the effects of industrialisation on our listening practices in theatre spaces. Umashankar in his presentation narrated about his inventions and experiences of the project and demonstrated the system in a lecture-demonstration.

Dr. Girish Karnad, who was in conversation with Mr. Umashankar spoke of his long association with him and enlivened the proceedings with his erudite observations and witty interventions.

The presentation was well-attended and appreciated.