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Talk on “Anger Management” by Dr. Rathna Isaac, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Held on Friday, 9th October, 2009 at 6 pm

Bangalore International Centre had arranged a Talk on “Anger Management” by Dr. Rathna Isaac, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, in its auditorium on Friday, 9 th October, 2009 at 6 pm. Dr. Prabha Chandra, Professor of Psychiatry, NIMHANS moderated the discussions after the talk.

Through a power-point presentation, Dr. Rathna highlighted how anger was often an instinctive attempt to cope with a stressful environment or perceived threats. As she explained, anger often manifests along with other emotions like reproach, frustration, resentment, guilt and anxiety. However, anger can be tackled and managed if one tries to rationalize and analyse the triggering factors leading to the outburst. Dr. Rathna suggested maintenance of an Anger Diary to kickstart this process. She opined that a rational analysis should suggest various options towards arousal reduction through some exercises (e.g., deep breathing, deep muscle relaxation, yoga etc.) or distress tolerance techniques. There are other options also available, like emotional regulation, stress inoculations, developing social skills etc.

The fascinating talk was followed by a lively question-answer session.

The power point presentation made by Dr. Rathna is attached herewith.