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19th Europan Union Film Festival from 18th to 21st March, 2014

From 18th to 21st March, 2014


Bangalore International Centre in association with Suchitra Film Society had arranged the screening of four European Films under 19th European Union Film Festival from 18th to 21st March, 2014.
 The following films were screened at BIC during this period.

Lessons of A Dream (Germany)  

Based on real events, “Lessons of A Dream " tells the story of  a young teacher Konrad Koch, who starts working in a preppy school in Braunschweig in 1874. Koch was teaching English, but the subject doesn′t interest his pupils at first. Therefore, Koch employs unusual methods in order to gain their attention for all things British: He introduces them to a popular sport, which is the craze in England, but unknown in Germany – football. His new approach works with the youngsters, but causes dismay among his conservative colleagues and the elitist parents. They try to get rid off the unorthodox educator, but have underestimated the commitment of the schoolboys.

On the Sly (Belgium);

This film tells about a little girl who lived in a world and in a time not so faraway and had the feeling to be invisible in her parent’s eyes. To be sure, she decided to disappear.




Hope is a strange place (Portugal)

This film is  aboutLourenço who is the son of Francisco Figueiredo, a soccer coach in the beginning of a very promising career. Everything goes well: Francisco’s team is in the Portuguese Cup final and Lourenço is going to be class valedictorian in a very prestigious private high school. But everything starts to collapse. Francisco is fired and Lourenço is transfered to a public high school whose students are predominantly from a ghetto near Lisbon... While Lourenço is fighting to fit into a new and harsh reality, he also helps his father find his lost dignity.


Blind Spot(Luxembourg)

“Blind Spot” tells us about the mysterious and charismatic Inspector Hastert who takes on one final case before he retires: the death of a fellow cop. He is helped by Oliver Faber, who is also the brother of the dead cop. Corruption and deceit are on the menu, and that’s just for starters.



All the films were well attended and appreciated by one and all.